Source code for engine.pandexo

[docs]def wrapper(dictinput): """Tpo level function to call either jwst, hst, wfirst Top level function which calls either jwst, hst or wfirst noise simulation. Parameters ---------- dictinput : dictionary containing instrument parameters and exoplanet specific parameters. {"pandeia_input":dict1, "pandexo_input":dict1} Returns ------- dict output specific to observatory requested Notes ----- You should not run simulations through this. It is much easier to run simulations through either **run_online** or **justdoit**. **justdoit** contains functions to create input dictionaries and **run_online** contains web forms to create input dictionaries. See Also -------- pandexo.engine.justdoit : gives ability to simply submit runs pandexo.engine.run_online : submit runs through user interface """ pandeia_input = dictinput['pandeia_input'] telescope = pandeia_input['telescope'] if telescope=='jwst': from .jwst import compute_full_sim return compute_full_sim(dictinput) elif telescope=='hst': from .hst import compute_sim_hst return compute_sim_hst(dictinput) elif telescope=='wfirst': return else: print("INVALID TELESCOPE. PandExo only accepts: jwst, hst, wfirst")